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Educate, Meditate, Elevate: *now offered virtually and in person*

This 45 minute, weekly class is designed to provide you with the tools you need to develop your own meditation practice. This class consists of a brief discussion, a 20 minute meditation and a brief sharing session afterward. During the meditation you will also receive additional healing by use of Chakra Quartz Crystal Bowls as well as a specific Chakra healing focus affirmation. These bowls are used to reduce stress, stimulate the immune system, increase mental and emotional clarity as well as assist with Chakra Cleansing and balancing. This weekly class is perfect for beginners, or anyone who wants to get re-focused on meditation and incorporate a mindfulness meditation practice into their daily life. This class will allow you to slow your thoughts and help you attain a relaxed focus. Please note that there is very limited space in person due to Covid-19 guidelines, you will be required to wear a mask as you enter and that there will be no refunds given during this time for no shows. Thank you for your understanding at this time


Yoga Nidra *Virtual (via Zoom) and in person!

Join us, from the comfort of your own home (or with us at Mainstream) as Elizabeth guides you to access the inner landscape of your body with the guided relaxation of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep”, is practiced laying down with as much comfort as we can find with pillows, bolsters, and blankets. Systematically, we bring awareness to emotions, memories, and sensations, bearing witness to our most inner self. This practice of Yoga Nidra will last between 40 and 60 minutes, so plan on a long period of rest. Since this is a virtual Yoga Nidra, be sure you are in a comfortable position and please consider using any props that you think would assist your practice. Please sign up with an email in order to receive the Zoom link and connect.
Investment: $20

Our Space

Our Meditation space is available for small gatherings.  If you have a group and would like a space to gather or meet, please contact Elizabeth with your questions.

"Happier Hour" *virtual (via zoom)

Join me for “Happier Hour”! Get your girlfriends and you can all join! This four week virtual workshop is a way to shift your mindset to a more positive one as well as force you to practice self-care (something we don’t always make time for).
This workshop consists of a weekly calendar of daily "to do" items which include a motivational video, a positive, thought provoking quote as well as a journal exercise.
The group will meet once initially then 4 additional times for "Happier hour" (via Zoom) We will discuss the topic of the week (which are listed on the weekly calendar).
Our next Happier Hour begins soon! email Elizabeth for inquiries!
Investment $50

Please note there are changes on this revised schedule with both in person and virtual offerings.

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Reiki: one on one private healing sessions

People around the world have practiced Reiki for thousands of years. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. This Reiki session is an hour in length which includes a brief consult before each session.  The Reiki is between 45 minutes to an hour.  during the session, you may receive "intuitive guidance". please book directly with Elizabeth. Contact Elizabeth at to book your appointment. Reiki sessions are held on Wednesdays,  Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at varying times.

Mainstream Meditation​

Wellness Studio

129 N Main St-Mansfield, MA 

Elizabeth Phillips, M.Ed.

Owner, Teacher, Mentor, Consultant

Reiki Certification and Attunements : All levels

These certifications are offered at varying times and dates, please contact Elizabeth with your inquiries!

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There is parking in front of and behind the building at 129 N Main St

If you plan on visiting us, please enter through the door under the "129 N Main St" sign, go up the flight of stairs, turn right and go up the stairs under the sign which reads "Odd Fellows Hall", we are down on the right! See you soon!

** Please be sure to wear a mask as you walk through the building,  until further notice **

New Moon Manifesting

The New Moon relates to letting go of the old, new beginnings and manifesting what we want. Tap into the cosmic energy of the Universe and enjoy the benefits of manifesting in this New Moon Manifesting class.

In this class, we will learn how to manifest anything we want through clearing energy, getting clear on exactly what we want, journaling and meditation. Come with a journal and open mind. Each class will be held on the New Moon of that month.

Check Schedulicity for the schedule


Soul Sister's Day

What exactly is a “Soul Sister”? She is a sister of your soul, she is the woman or women you click with, on almost everything. She is a friend who you consider family. She is someone you feel like was brought into your life by fate. She gets YOU, you get HER. She celebrates your wins. She is there for you during your loses. She has your back, no matter what.
This is a day for you, and YOUR SOUL SISTERS! This a day of self care.  ONE WHOLE DAY OF SELF CARE! 
You help me create the most perfect day for you and your friends.
We will be able to accommodate up to 5 people in a one day session.
We will offer a healthy lunch for your group which will be included in the price.
So, what’s on the “menu”?  Your group will be with us from 9-4 and plan one hour for lunch.  Some activities include:

Mindful Meditation, Sound Healing with Quartz Crystal Bowls, Psychometry, “Change the Narrative” Empowerment Activity, Psychic Readings, Creative Intention Workshop, Mindful Movement, Body Scan Meditation, Loving-Kindness Meditation, Chakra Meditation with Reiki healing, Relax, Reiki, Rock and Roll, Essential Oils 101, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Writing/Journaling, Forgiveness Meditation, Angel Card Readings, Chakras 101

Contact me to book your Soul Sister Day!